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I am a creative who works as an investigator during the day. I also enjoy sports and traveling with my incredible wife who is an international businesswoman. We share our home near the beach with a Great Dane/Lab mix named Zoe and a 6 lb. terror (yes, I meant terror) named Bama.


My aim is to make films that entertain, inspire, and are thought-provoking.


My photos encompass the beauty of Florida’s Atlantic Coast, the colorful people and places of New York City, and  God’s artwork in Nevada’s Valley of Fire


Rock and blues are my main focus but I also enjoy country and jazz. Guitar is my primary instrument, but I also play bass and keyboard. I love to write, record, and perform.


For me, writing is a great medium to process and formulate thoughts. I enjoy writing about history and theology. I have also penned some short screenplays.


The goal is not merely to speak to an audience but to engage it. The value of your content is irrelevant unless the audience is listening and actually digesting the substance of your remarks.


The starting point for a meaningful life is a commitment to never stop learning and growing.


Mid-America Christian University


University of Central Oklahoma


Just a little bit of what I do.
I also have shot several short films.

If nothing else, I am certainly a people person.

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    Thank you for your interest.

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